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Finding Your Family's Story

Date: 26-Apr-2017

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Sometimes the best stories are right in your own home. Pamela Freeman writes historical fiction for both adults and children. As Pamela Hart, her bestselling books The Soldier’s Wife and The War Bride are partly based on her own family’s history and on real events. Pamela will take students through the process of finding and researching a story about their own family, including newspaper and document research as well as oral histories. Facts never get in the way of a good story - they just make it better! Pamela Freeman is an award-winning author for both children and adults. Her most recent books for younger readers include Desert Lake: Kati Thanda- Lake Eyre, and the Princess Betony series, beginning with Princess Betony and the Unicorn. She is wellknown for Victor’s Quest and Victor’s Challenge, and for The Black Dress: Mary MacKillop’s Early Years, which won the NSW History Prize.

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