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EXHIBITION: Liverpool to Holdsworthy Railway WWI- a forgotten military railway.

Date: 02-Sep-2017

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The Liverpool to Holdsworthy Military Railway Line is one of New South Wales’ ‘forgotten’ military railway lines. Its significance lies as the only Australian military railway line partly constructed by WWI internees.
It transported WWI ordnance, ammunition, stores, cavalry and artillery horses, military equipment and personnel with part of the line still in service during WWII.
NSW Railways constructed the first 2.2km from Liverpool Station east across the Georges River and the remainder on military land with Department of Defence employing internees’ labour from Holdsworthy Internment Camp (then known as the German Concentration Camp).
Sidings were located at Liverpool Army Camp, Holdsworthy Internment Camp, Anzac Rifle Range, Remount Depot, Moorebank Stores, Ammunition and Ordnance Depots and later Cable Makers.
This exhibition commemorates the centenary of the line’s construction, the circumstances under which it was constructed and the changed relationships between the Australian, German, Austro-Hungarian and former Ottoman nations and peoples.

Originally spelt as Holdsworthy until after WWII, when the ‘d’ was dropped – area was named after Holsworthy, Devon, England where Governor Macquarie married in 1807.

Saturday 8 July to Saturday 2 September 2017

Liverpool Regional Museum


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