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Kaleidoscope Science

Date: 14-Jul-2017

Capacity: Not Set Available

Just because school’s out, doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun with science! Presenter Mitchell Serena from Kaleidoscope Science Shows takes important scientific concepts and explains them with humour, storytelling and amazing demonstrations that will excite your senses. These inspiring and exciting shows will leave you with a big smile and an even bigger sense of curiosity.

Great Big Science Show
Perfect for audiences with a wide range of ages and interests, the Great Big Science Show ticks all the boxes – foaming chemical reactions, explosions, liquid nitrogen, fireballs and lots of audience interaction. 

The Solids, Liquids, Gases & Plasmas Show

A spectacular showcase of exciting and energetic demonstrations all about matter, energy and temperature. You will be amazed by sublimating dry ice, boiling-cold liquid nitrogen and flaming fireballs.
Suitable for primary school aged children 5 – 12 years old 

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