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The Cavalcade of History and Fashion presents The Swinging 60s

Date: 09-Sep-2017

Capacity: Not Set Available

Timeline Photography © Cavalcade
The Swinging 60s was an era of prosperity and rebellion for the young who developed a new and very different interest in fashion, music and nightclubs. Fashion became fun, designed by the young for the young and broke away from the exclusivity of haute couture. Cavalcade’s
Presentation on the Swinging 60s will feature a selection of fashion from this era – miniskirts, cocktail frocks, the little black dress, paper dresses, beachwear, underwear and nightwear. This exhibition ties in with this year’s History Week theme of ‘Pop Culture’.
Suitable for young adults up.

Liverpool City Library

Sat 9 Sept  10:30am - 12pm

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