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The Permanent Resident: Roanna Gonsalves Author Talk

Date: 21-Aug-2017

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Roanna Gonsalves’ short stories unearth the aspirations, ambivalence and guilt laced through the lives of 21st century immigrants, steering through clashes of cultures, trials of faith, and squalls of racism. Sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes playful, they cut to the truth of what it
means to be a modern outsider. Roanna Gonsalves came to Australia as an international student in 1998. She is the recipient of the Australian Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award 2013. In 2015, Roanna’s four-part series on contemporary Indian literature was broadcast on ABC Radio National’s Earshot program. The Permanent Resident is her first book.

Liverpool City Library
Mon 21 Aug  10:30 - 12:00pm     Bookings Essential

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