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EXHIBITION: What has the Smart Phone done for Us?


What has the smart phone done for us individually and as a community?
this newly-curated exhibition, presented by The City of Liverpool and District Historical Society, offers a fun, engaging, informative and stimulating exhibition for everyone.
the smart phone has revolutionised our lives. This tiny technological device has had a major impact on how we used to do simple day to day tasks which have now evolved into electronic and digital formats. 
Each display reflects a connective continuum comprising a mobile phone surrounded by diverse and forgotten items that have been replaced or superseded. Selected items from the Society's extensive collection demonstrate the scale of the changes: phonograph to Discman - typewriter to computer as well as street directory and book. 
Today's world, and our Liverpool Community, are changing rapidly. This exhibition will also challenge us to think about technology trends: wireless audio; folding smart phones; wearable wristwatch products; augmented & virtual reality; crypto-currency and extra storage. 

Liverpool Regional Museum
Sat 7 Oct  - Sat 25 Nov 2017

Sat 14 October 11:30 am - 12:45pm