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Chipping Norton Lake Sailing Club Open House for Adults


Image Courtesy of Chipping Norton Lakes Sailing Club.
Dreaming of new horizons? Well, Chipping Norton Lake Sailing Club could help you navigate! The CNL Sailing Club warmly opens its boathouse home to introduce participants to the club, its activities and the sailing world generally.  It will also be an opportunity to check out Grand Flaneur Beach and Chipping Norton Lake. All participants are also invited to picnic in the Parklands after the Open House and then watch a sailing race by Club members from 3pm onwards. For any enquiries prior to booking, please contact CNLSC Secretary David 02  9601 5557 or Commodore Max 02 9755 5350.

Saturday 24 March 2018
11 am - 1:00pm
Suitable for Adults 18 +

Behind the scenes of Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race


Image Courtesy of  Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

A special presentation not to be missed by sailing enthusiasts and curious general public - a coup for Liverpool! 
In partnership with Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, and as part of Voyages of Camaraderie exhibition, we proudly present a first-time Liverpool presentation that offers an inspiring and informative narrative about how an iconic sporting event comes together. Featuring stories formed on and off the water, the showcase focusses on the many local and international elements which make up the race, especially camaraderie.
The CYCA is the home of the legendary Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Established in 1944, the club has become Australia’s leading exponent of ocean racing, cruising and sea safety.

It’s a privilege for the Liverpool Regional Museum to offer this opportunity to hear the real story behind the scenes on how this unique event is organised. Spaces are limited, so early booking is advised. For any enquiries prior to booking, please email: Anna Grega 

Saturday 14 April
Liverpool Regional Museum

Voyages of Camaraderie Exhibitions


Anchoring for the first time at Liverpool Regional Museum – three unique exhibitions celebrating sailing history in Sydney.  Voyages of Camaraderie has been specially curated to celebrate 25 years of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s (CYCA) Youth Sailing Academy; offer a taste of 74 years of the CYCA itself, and shine a spotlight on 23 years of Liverpool’s very own Chipping Norton Lake Sailing Club.  Opens 13 January 2018

Liverpool Regional Museum
Saturday 13 January 2018 to Friday 14 April 2018

Launch - Shared Visions: Memory & Identity in the photographs of Jenny Carter-White


IMAGE©Hello, Jenny Carter-White 2006

As part of the opening of Liverpool Regional Museum’s new exhibition: Shared Visions: Memory & Identity in the photographs of Jenny Carter-White, there will be a special presentation by Dr Carter-White, a Brisbane-based photographer, about her work as a special attraction for the Liverpool Genealogy Society’s May monthly meeting and will be an event that is also open to the general public. 

Dr Carter-White has lectured in photography at the Queensland College of Art Griffith University, where she was awarded her PhD.  Community, place, remembering, family, history and the environment are themes evident in her  work.

Following her presentation there will be refreshments to launch the Shared Visions exhibition.  Spaces are limited and booking is required.

Saturday 5 May

11am-1pm           Bookings Essential

Liverpool Regional Museum (Galleries 2, 3 & 4)

Painting with light presented by Jenny Carter-White


IMAGE©A Stone House, Jenny Carter-White 2012 

Liverpool Regional Museum offers this special workshop as a public program linked to the exhibition “Shared Visions: memory and identity in the photographs of Jenny Carter-White”.   The workshop presenter will be Dr Jenny Carter-White, a Brisbane-based photographer and lecturer with Queensland College of Art Griffith University.  Place, remembering, history and environment are some themes evident in Dr. Carter-White’s work and will be explored during this workshop. Spaces are limited and booking is essential.

18 years + with photography interest & basic skills.

Tuesday 8th May 2018

4.30 pm -7.00pm         Bookings Essential

Liverpool Regional Museum & external environs of Collingwood Parklands and Collingwood House.

Shared Visions: Memory & Identity in the photographs of Jenny Carter-White


IMAGE©Hello, Jenny Carter-White 2006

This exhibition by Brisbane-based photographer and lecturer Dr Jenny Carter-White, interrogates the family album as a site where autobiography and memory coexist - a compendium of images old and new that assist in shaping identity. She states: Photographs have the ability to carry images of our past from one time and place to another. They inform us and give us an understanding of what life was like during earlier times. These images carry traces of the people they document and the experiences they may have had. Precious moments, memories of loved ones and experiences of another time are held within the frame of a photograph, travelling through time to be in this place where we are now. The imprints from these photographs are left on our memories and will influence who we are for the rest of our lives. Community, place, remembering, family, history and environment will be palpable themes for visitors to reflect on in this distinctive exhibition.
All ages