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Play and Learn

Play and Learn educational and interactive games, puzzles, and activities. Download and print colouring pages for the young ones.

Muzzy BBC

Muzzy BBC is an interactive animated language learning program for children.

Suitable for Ages: 3-8



Get started with Muzzy

  • Offers Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean and English
  • Learn through videos, reading, games and activities
  • Each lesson builds on the last
  • Designed to suit a range of learning styles

Story Box Library

Watch and Listen to children's stories being read aloud by actors, authors, illustrators and more. Puzzles and activities available to complete and download at the end of the stories.

Suitable for Ages: 3-12



Get started with Story Box Library

  • Videos of various lengths, read aloud by engaging storytellers
  • Search stories by age group, video length, theme, award, author and illustrator or by storyteller
  • Puzzles and actitivies available after most books or short films

Early Learning by World Book

Early Learning is designed from preschool to kindergarten students with tools and content that reinforces early childhood curriculum via short videos, read-aloud stories, printable activities, and matching and tracing games, among others.

Suitable for Ages: 3-6



Get started with Early Learning by World Book

  • Provides short videos, read-aloud stories, printable activities and educational games
  • An "Early Learning Basics" section of the site, designed for preschoolers to Kindergarten students. Here you can find basic building blocks like letters, numbers, counting, and classification into one easy-to-navigate section.
  • Guided reading program with stories spread across Lexile levels provide building blocks for early learners.
  • Videos, categorized by subject and designed to provide visual, real-world examples of high-interest topics.
  • Both fiction and nonfiction stories, categorized by topic
  • Activities, categorized by type, can be done within the paint application offered in Early Learning, or are available as printable Print & Do activities.
  • Emergent readers will engage in an interactive and playful environment of topical content worlds with bursts of information to support microlearning..

Busy Things

Busy Things supports your children's learning at home, engaging them with exciting educational games that will enhance their knowledge and understanding.

Suitable for Ages: 3-6



Get started with Busy Things

  • Subjects include literacy, numeracy, creative development and general knowledge
  • All games encourage learning and understanding
  • Supports the Australian curriculum

Kid's Crafts by EBSCO

Found in EBSCO's Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center, the Kid's Crafts section provides a list of activities and crafts suitable for children to provide inspiration for things that can be done at home.

Suitable for Ages: 3-12



Get started with Kid's Crafts by EBSCO

  • Find the Kid's Crafts section by looking under 'Browse by Category'
  • Clicking on Kid's Crafts will then take you to a list of types of crafts
  • Some how-to videos also available