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Online English language courses from beginners to advanced.

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Active Reading

Active Reading helps learners develop the whole range of reading skills: prediction, vocab strategies, inference, skimming, topic sentences and more. Learners work on a wide variety of text types, based around lively, stimulating topics. They can listen to the texts (in a variety of accents), and each unit finishes with a freer skills-based activity. Find out more by watching this short video

Clear Pronunciation

Help your learners recognize and pronounce the 43 sounds of English through audio, video and interactive activities. Students work with each sound in isolation, in words, sentences and in authentic texts. And now they can choose from British, North American and Australian pronunciation models, while learning to listen to a range of non-native speaker accents. Find out more by watching this video

Practical Writing

Practical Writing is for students who need to use written English both in their studies and in their personal life. Whether they are writing a descriptive essay for their teacher or sending a message to a friend, Practical Writing helps them structure their message, select the right vocabulary and choose the most appropriate style. Find out more by watching this short video

Road to IELTS Academic

The Academic module is for those who want to study or train in an English speaking University or Higher and Further Education.

Road to IELTS General Training

The General Training module focuses on general survival skills in broad social and workplace contexts.

Tense Buster

Help your ESL learners break through the grammar barrier with Tense Buster, Clarity’s most popular program. Described by British Council Network News as "very popular with students, attractive and easy to use", Tense Buster helps learners with 33 key grammar areas at five levels. Ideal for independent learning, classwork and homework. Find out more by watching this video

Linkedin Learning is now LinkedIn Learning. Same content new platform.  Your history profile from will move across to LinkedIn Learning.  It now features content in 7 different languages - English, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and simplified Chinese.

LinkedIn Learning provides video tutorials with transcripts to develop your skills in business, project management, graphic design, web development, photography, music, video editing and more.  These courses are designed for beginners to advanced levels and presented by industry experts.

To access LinkedIn Learning from your computer:

  • Visit LinkedIn Learning to stream from our website
  • Click on Get Started
  • Sign in with your Liverpool library card number and Library PIN

Transparent Language Online is a self-paced language learning program.  It supports over 90 languages including English as a Second Language (ESL). Learn on your computer or download the app.
First time users Sign Up with your library card number and then create an account to access your language learning.  If you choose to download the app for your mobile phone, iPad, or tablet please see instructions.