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Your library offers free access to databases designed to support students. Information and resources targeted to specific year levels to assist with homework, assignments and assessments from Year 7 right through to HSC.

  • School resources suitable for 7-11
  • HSC resources suitable for Year 12


Need HSC online study guides.  EdUnlimited lets you study anywhere, on any device at any time.


Liverpool City Library has launched a new resource to support young people in the Liverpool Local Government Area (LGA) with their HSC studies.

EdUnlimited provides students with online access to a range of study materials including, all of the ATAR Notes summary notes, topic texts and text guides. 

Each student has a unique learning experience on EdUnlimited, which:

  • Asks students to select their year level and subjects, and then recommends relevant study materials for them
  • Allows students to create personalised study notes and digital annotations, all of which are stored securely online
  • Enables students to create “favourite titles” and saves their recent browsing progress
  • EdUnlimited can be accessed at any time from anywhere on any computer, tablet or smartphone.

To access EdUnlimited, you need to:

  • register with Eventbrite
  • be a current year 11 or year 12 high school student
  • attend a high school in the Liverpool LGA
  • have a Liverpool City Library card

If you are not a member of Liverpool City Library, please join online.