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The library's eResearch collection offers free access to a wide range of databases designed to assist students and researchers.  As a library member, you can access them from home, in the library or in the museum for free.

To get started, enter your search term in the OneSearch@Liverpool City Library single search box below.

OneSearch will search across our catalogue including a range of materials such as journals, magazines, newspapers, and ebooks including film and images.

Alternatively choose from the subject links below to access individual databases with your library card.

General reference databases and Digital reference books offer resources in Art, Biography, Building, Business, Careers, Computers, Fashion and Hobbies as well as various EBSCO books and Encyclopedias

Science, Environment and Geography provides databases for general science, environment and geography queries as well as specific databases for Genealogy, Health and Law.

Newspapers, Journals and Magazines provides resources to news and popular content from Australia and around the world.