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Newspapers, Journals And Magazines

Academic Search Premier and Masterfile Complete: Provides access to thousands of full-text journals, magazines, and other resources covering a wide range of subjects.

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Proquest Australia & New Zealand Newsstream: Gives access to leading Australian and New Zealand newspapers. Content is from Nine, News Corp, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and AAP newswires. It also provides the latest local, regional and national news.

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Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre: This collection of Australian and New Zealand magazines and international newspapers, newswires and reference books includes photos, maps and flags.

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Informit Australian Public Affairs – Full Text: This comprehensive online collection of articles from more than 500 Australian journals covers Australia’s rich and diverse social sphere. It can be accessed from the library or at home.

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Comunications and Mass Media: This database provides access on all aspects of the communications field, including advertising, public relations, literature and writing, linguistics and more.

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PressReader: Provides full digital replicas of 4000 current edition newspapers and magazines from 100 countries in 60 languages. The full text of each newspaper is displayed in colour, including photos and classifieds. The Liverpool Leader is included.

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Proquest Research Library: Provides access to thousands of full-text periodicals ranging from scholarly journals, professional and trade publications and magazines. Subjects include art, business, children, education, health, humanities, law, military, multicultural, psychology, sciences and women’s interests.

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Sydney Morning Herald Archives: Every edition of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald from 1955-1995. Available only in the Library. Please click on "Access Archive" in the top right-hand corner.

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Sydney Morning Herald Library Edition: An identical replica of each printed edition of the Sydney Morning Herald since 2006. Available only in the Library. Please click on "Access the Archives" in the top right-hand corner.

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