A First Generation Pioneer of Liverpool - Liverpool Pioneers' Memorial Park Exhibition Talk

Saturday, 19 March 2022 | 11am - 12:30pm | Liverpool | General

Thomas Rowley II, son of Captain Thomas Rowley of the 102nd NSW Corps, was instrumental to the development of Liverpool, having served as a magistrate and, as a successful landowner, contributed wheat and meat to Government Stores for a starving colony. He was born at Kingston Farm, now Newtown and reached the upper echelons of colonial life as a First Generation Australian. Thomas Rowley II died in 1862 at his Minto estate and is buried at Liverpool Pioneer Memorial Park with his wife and other family members.

Author and descendant of Rowley, Robyn Hardina, discusses his life from the pages of her book Gentleman of The Rum Corps: The Biography of Captain Thomas Rowley and His Descendants.

Saturday 19 March
11am-12.30 pm
Liverpool Regional Museum

Booking are essential and open 16 November.

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Saturday, 19 March 2022
11am - 12:30pm

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