Mapuche Cultural Exchange for all

Saturday, 06 July 2024 | 10am - 12pm | Liverpool | General

Mapuche Cultural Exchange

Join us at Liverpool Regional Museum to discover Mapuche culture.

This program is our first school holiday program linked to the current exhibition Exilio (Exiled) Chile to South-West Sydney and is suitable for all ages.

The Mapuche (mapu ‘land’ che ‘people’) are the largest Indigenous group in Chile who have strongly retained their culture, language, customs and identity.  Members of the local Mapuche community will demonstrate traditional instruments and music, dance, painting and food.

Liverpool Regional Museum

Saturday 6 July

10am – 12 pm

No bookings required please drop in to enjoy the program

Image courtesy Michael Waite Photography

Rewe: Carved tree trunk resembling a ladder or human spine symbolising the connection of the cosmos

Mate Container: Mate - drink made from water & processed yerba mate leaves

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Saturday, 06 July 2024
10am - 12pm

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