Fizzics Education Stars and Planets workshop for ages 5-12

Wednesday, 04 October 2023 | 1pm - 2pm | Liverpool | Kids

Out-of-this-world science!

Children will investigate our Universe and space exploration techniques in this hands-on Stars and Planets workshop.

  • How does the Earth, Moon and Sun work in the Solar System? How are the tides formed?
  • What did the big bang really look like? How do we observe distant galaxies and what does that tell about our Universe?
  • What technological developments were necessary to allow astronauts to work and survive outside of Earth’s atmosphere and much more!

The kids will gain an appreciation of astronomy and gain insight into our place in the Universe.

Bookings open 4 September 2023 at 9 am

1 ticket per child parents/ carers do not require tickets

Please be kind, let us know asap if you can no longer attend the program so another child can attend in your place.

Liverpool Regional Museum

Wednesday 4 October

1.00pm - 2.00pm

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Wednesday, 04 October 2023
1pm - 2pm

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