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Find local history information including images, maps and plans, newspapers, books, films and oral histories about the people, places and events of Liverpool - past and present.

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Liverpool City Library and Museum Services offer local and family history research services. If you require research assistance please submit your request by completing our Local and Family History Enquiry Form and one of our team members will get back to you.

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Liverpool History

Explore Liverpool's fascinating past.

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Colonial Heritage of Western Sydney App

Local-and-Fam-History-250x160-Collingwoodhouse1.jpgThe Colonial Heritage of Western Sydney App is a joint venture between Liverpool, Camden, Penrith, and Hawkesbury Councils to acknowledge and celebrate the local government area's rich European settlement history since 1788.

Liverpool was founded in 1810 by Governor Macquarie and is one of the earliest colonial urban settlements in Australia. This combined area is rich with historical and interactive information about buildings, churches, cemeteries, roads, and bridges.The combined area covered by the app has been named "HoWS" being an abbreviation of "Heritage of Western Sydney".

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