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Preserving and promoting Liverpool's cultural heritage, history and stories

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IMAGE CREDIT: Dame Edna (1934 Humber Snipe) visits Liverpool Regional Museum

Liverpool Regional Museum was opened on 3 June 1989 as part of Australia's Bicentennial celebrations.

The museum presents and collects items reflecting environmental, heritage and social themes within south-west Sydney. Whilst preserving and promoting Liverpool's cultural heritage, history and stories through collections, exhibitions and public programs.

Visitors can experience our permanent exhibition ‘RESONANCES: objects, lives and stories of Liverpool’ accompanied with a program of diverse changing exhibitions, including public programs that engage and inspire the community.

We are available to guide visitors through our exhibitions and assist with enquiries. Visitors can also research their family history from our resident Liverpool Genealogy Society.

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Highlights from the Heritage Collection
1800s to 1970s

Objects of National, State and Local significance within the heritage collection of Liverpool Regional Museum and Liverpool City Library

14 March – 12 August 2023

mosaic of images from collection. Image credit below exhibition information

Keeping i and Caring ii for objects of National, State and Local significance on behalf of the people of Liverpool is a continual relay between generations of heritage staff working in partnership with the community.

As a mirror to the world, collections are naturally complex; an evolving network of growth reflecting moments of existence in time. The objects that form these collections, embedded with DNA, are time-machines layered with past stories that inform our future beyond nostalgia. They provide knowledge and learning to our world today and the decisions that come to define us.

Invitation and Blanket. Full image credit below exhibition information.

A collection can be interpreted as a sequence of events contained within an object. From a piece of paper with the powerful signature of a Colonial Governor to a woollen blanket exchanged for a meal from an immigrant; each influence and mould a generation. Once unpacked, they reveal a story, the people behind the story and the society they formed. From nation building, post-war recovery, economic depression to experimental social housing; all contain good times, hard times and new beginnings within the cycle of life.

This exhibition presents the story of a community evolving as a part legacy of Liverpool. From the global to local, the objects retell social, industrial, commercial, immigrant and military histories of the greater Liverpool District from the 1800s to 1970s cared for within the heritage collection of Liverpool Regional Museum and Liverpool City Library.

The heritage collection is a gift of knowledge to future generations who call this place, Liverpool, home.

i Keeper
from keeping “person who looks after something or someone”

ii Curator
from latin curare “to take care of”

Image credit:

Governor Lachlan Macquarie invitation to ball and supper at Government House, 1813
Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Dark grey wool blanket, Challenge Woollen Mills, 1942
Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Image credit for mosaic, left to right:

Liverpool Olympic Memorial Pool, 1979
Photographer: Ray Hely
Ray Hely Collection, Liverpool Library Heritage Collection

Paper Mill, Collingwood c.1888
Artist: Albert Henry Fullwood (1863-1930)
hand coloured wooden engraved print, published in Picturesque Atlas of Australasia
Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Demolition Derby at Liverpool Speedway, aerial view, 1976
Frank Oliveri Collection, Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Charlotte’s Dress, silk ballgown, c.1875-1879
Bartlett Collection, Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Liverpool New South Wales, Views of Australia 1824
Artist: Joseph Lycett (1775-1828)
etching, aquatint, hand coloured with watercolour on paper, Plate 14 from Views of Australia
Pearce Learoyd Collection, Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Ashcroft Lace Bonnet c.1900s
Ashcroft Collection, Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Olympic swimmer and gold medal champion Michael Wenden diving off the blocks at Liverpool Olympic Memorial Pool, 1968
Liverpool Library Heritage Collection

Jeff Pickering in Sprintcar 28 racing at Liverpool Speedway c.1970s
Frank Oliveri Collection, Liverpool Regional Museum Collection



Objects shape who we are, the people we engage with, our attachment to place, our values and ideas.

Resonances takes you on a journey to discover Liverpool’s heritage through its collection of donated objects, unifying a diversity as an eclectic assembly of artefacts and oral histories.

We can only speculate about the personal meanings and significance an object holds for an individual or family; donors provide a trace of their story as a gift for future generations.

Resonances combines the collection within six themes:

  • Home
  • Good times
  • Hard times
  • Community
  • Children
  • Work

Each theme explores Liverpool’s past, through people and places that shaped Liverpool’s history, culture, social and economic life.


Preserving and promoting Liverpool’s cultural heritage, history and stories

Image credit:

Bakery Keystone
German Internment Camp Collection

Frank Oliveri Bus Company Ticketing Machine
Frank Oliveri Collection

Pearce and Learoyd Collection

Flour Sifter
Trimarchi Collection

Pudding Tin
Hammondville Collection

Baby Bonnet
Ashcroft Family Collection

Christening Gown
Ashcroft Family Collection

Jewellery Box
Bartlett Collection

STC Radio
Standard Telephone and Cable Collection
Liverpool Regional Museum Collection

Resonances Exhibition

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