Book Clubs

Book Clubs are a great way to meet people, discover new authors and share ideas.   There are two types of book clubs; either join a library book club organised by the library or start your own book club.

Library Book Clubs

Come along for a book chat to any of the following library book clubs. We meet in the library each month and discuss a pre-selected book from the many library book club kits. No bookings required!

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Carnes Hill1st Tuesday of the month10am


1st Tuesday of the month1.30pm
Green Valley1st Monday of the month10am
Liverpool3rd Tuesday of the month12:30pm
Miller1st Wednesday of the month11am
MoorebankLast Tuesday of the month10am

Start your own Book Club

Alternate to the library book clubs, we encourage existing book clubs to register your book club with us or you may want to start your own book club.  Book club coordinators are responsible for registering and updating their clubs' details with us.

Register your book club at:

Book Club Kits

We have over 200 book club kits available to borrow by registered book clubs.

  • The kits contain 12 copies of the same title. Where available some kits may include a large print copy, audio book or DVD of the movie.
  • The collection consists of a wide range of genres from Thrillers, Romance, Historical, Biographies and Contemporary Fiction as well as themed kits such as popular Cookbooks, Cocktail and Self-Help themed Kits.
  • Book club kits are free to borrow by registered clubs.

Loan period

  • The registered book club coordinator will borrow the complete set for its members.
  • Kits can be borrowed for nine weeks by the coordinator.
  • Renewals and reservations cannot be placed on book club kits.
    • However, you are welcome to phone or email in advance to get the kit put aside or let us choose a title for you.
    • Phone: (02) 8711 7152
    • Email:
  • The kits must be returned as a complete set with the provided bag or box and any accompanying materials.
  • Kits must be returned during library opening hours.

Let's Read Together


Every month Liverpool library members and book clubs can access BorrowBox Book of the Month simultaneously. You can borrow and download multiple copies of the same eBook or eAudiobook or both at the same time.

Every month a new "Liverpool City Libraries Book of the Month" is posted on BorrowBox.

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