Casula Library will be closed from Sunday 5 May for an air-conditioning upgrade. We will reopen on Monday 24 June.

Youth Regular Programs

Liverpool City Library often refers to 'terms' for the duration of our ongoing programs. Terms for 2024 align with the NSW Eastern school terms, and are as follows:

Term One: Thursday 1 February - Friday 12 April
Term Two: Tuesday 30 April - Friday 5 July
Term Three: Tuesday 23 July - Friday 27 September
Term Four: Monday 14 October - Wednesday 18 December

Each of our branches runs a variety of programs for all ages. These programs are our regular programs for children aged 8+ running during school terms.

We also run school holiday and unique one-time programs which can be found here.

Chess Club @ Moorebank Library

Get together with other chess enthusiasts, learn chess moves and practice your skills.

Participants should commit to attending all term, non attendance will result in forfeit of ticket.

Beginners and experienced players are all welcome.

Suitable for 10-18 years.

Sessions run weekly on Mondays @ Moorebank Library 3.30pm - 4.30pm

Starts Monday 05 February for  whole term

Bookings required for Chess Club

Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to excel academically in Maths or level up your English Writing skills with help from our expert teacher.

This free program utilises study books from the local library to support your learning journey.

Suitable for students in Year 1 to Year 10. Students under 12 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent.

No bookings required.

Maths HelpWriting HelpGeneral Homework Help
26 February to 25 March
4pm - 5:30pm
Liverpool City Library | Yellamundie
28 February to 3 April
4pm - 5:30pm
Liverpool City Library | Yellamundie
29 February to 4 April
4pm - 5:30pm 
Carnes Hill Library

3D Design & Printing Club @ Liverpool Civic Place Library

Learn how to design and 3D print objects after school in this engaging set of technology workshops for youth. Work together as you bring your designs to life after school!

Disclaimer: Students must have a library card, must be of a suitable age and have basic computer skills. Students that are not of the appropriate age or computer skill level may be asked to discontinue the sessions. Participants should commit to attending all term, non attendance will result in forfeit of ticket.

Suitable for 11-14 years.

Tuesdays @ Liverpool Civic Place Library
3.30pm - 4.30pm

Starts Tuesday 06 February
Runs throughout school term
Bookings required for 3D Design & Printing

Liverpool Library and Liverpool Regional Museum offer tours of resources and facilities to teachers, educators & youth organisations.

Free programs currently on offer to educators:


The Three Rs of  Research

Liverpool City Library presents the Three R’s of Research, an educational program that will encourage your students to identify useful sources of information and to understand the Three Rs - Recent, Relevant and Reliable.

Get your students re-acquainted with the Library and help encourage access to free resources, databases, programs and services available through Liverpool City Library membership.

Fight the Fake News!

Fight Fake News is an educational program that will help equip your students to be able to identify good sources of information and to understand the three R’s of research – recent, relevant and reliable. Get your students re-oriented at the library and help encourage access to free public library resources, databases, programs and services through Liverpool Library membership.

Using Liverpool Library E-Resources

Get your students access to the digital resources they need to succeed in this 60-minute information session on the Library’s electronic resources. Liverpool City Library offers a collection of fantastic online resources that are available to library members, such as Academic databases, past exam papers and online study support. We also offer a HSC specific program which expands on these with a focused look at the topics the students are studying.

For more information on activities and events available in the library, contact the Youth Programs Librarian:


Collingwood House Project Based Learning Program

What is the significance of Collingwood House to Liverpool’s History? Who were the people that lived there? What industry took place on the land? What was life, like in the area before colonisation?  These are some of the questions students may answer through our Collingwood House project-based learning program.

Historic Liverpool Project Based Learning Program

What is the pre-colonial history of Liverpool? Who was Governor Macquarie and why is he important to the history Liverpool’s? What remains of the original convict designed and built buildings in Liverpool? These are just some of the questions your students may choose to answer through our Historic Liverpool project-based learning program.

Immigration Learning Project

What are some of the reasons why people leave their homes to live somewhere else? This project asks students to become reporters and find someone who has travelled to Australia to tell their emigration story. The program, suitable for students in stages 3 to 5 has a cross-curricular focus of History, Geography, English and Technology. It will encourage developing skills in research, the use of technology and provide essential presentation experience.

Objects: Telling Many Stories

Have you ever wondered about museum curators plan and design their exhibitions? Learn how to curate your own exhibition by attending a workshop run by museum professionals. Using the permanent gallery 'Resonances' as an example, students will learn the behind-the-scenes work and how curators tell the story of an object.

For more information on activities and events available in the museum, contact the Museum team via or 02 8711 7126

Visit our What's On page to find information on current and upcoming youth events and workshops.