Extension of Stay at Home Orders: All Liverpool City Libraries and the Liverpool Regional Museum will be closed until the end of September 2021.

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Liverpool Library offers tours of resources and facilities to teachers, educators & youth organisations.

Free programs currently on offer to educators:

Fight the Fake News! - The Three R's of Research

Fight Fake News is an educational program that will help equip your students to be able to identify good sources of information and to understand the three R’s of research – recent, relevant and reliable. Get your students re-oriented at the library and help encourage access to free public library resources, databases, programs and services through Liverpool Library membership.

Using Liverpool Library E-Resources – HSC Edition

Get your students access to the digital resources they need to succeed in the HSC in this 60-minute information session on the library’s electronic resources. Liverpool City Library offers a collection of fantastic online resources that are available to library members, such as databases, access to HSC past papers, HSC materials and online study support.

For more information on activities and events available in the library, contact the Youth Programs Librarian: FulhamC@liverpool.nsw.gov.au