Primary School eResources

Whether working on assignments, studying, preparing for exams or just looking for something fun to read, these eResources can help you find what you're looking for.

If you would like to access these eResources and more from home, you will need to join the Library with parent permission. Do not use the school account outside the classroom.

Homework Help

Find pictures you can use in your school work, with pictures and photographs from over 60 collections.

Suitable for Ages: 5-14



Get started with Britannica ImageQuest

Learn a little about everything with access to safe, age-appropriate articles with a 250 year legacy.

Suitable for Ages: 5-14



Get started with Britannica Library Kids

Find articles packed with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, and a wealth of engaging games and activities.

Suitable for Ages: 5-10

world book kids


Get started with World Book Kids

An encyclopedia with more than 40,000 articles, biographies, videos, images, and activities that support your research needs.

Suitable for Ages: 8-14

world book student


Get started with World Book Student

Take a look at history with over 650 timelines about the history of the world, or create your own timeline.

Suitable for Ages: 8-14

last timelines logo


Get started with World Book Timelines

Learn and Play

Busy Things offers exciting educational games that will build knowledge and understanding of Maths, English, Art, Computing, and more.

Suitable for Ages: 3-6



Get started with Busy Things

Early Learning offers games, stories, videos and more for preschool to kindergarten students to learn about the world.

Suitable for Ages: 3-6



Get started with Early Learning by World Book

Have fun learning Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Korean or English.

Suitable for Ages: 3-8



Get started with Muzzy

Read Something New

Learn about animals, science, technology, and more with the National Geographic Kids magazine.

Suitable for Ages: 6-14



Get started with National Geographic Kids

PK Magazine is written for and by primary school students, covering book reviews, art, and more. Past issues can be found by clicking the three lines in the top right corner.

Suitable for Ages: 5-11



Get started with PK Magazine

Finished all the books by your favourite author? Look them up here and find other authors who write similar books.

Suitable for Ages: 0-14



Get started with Who Next...? A Guide to Children's Authors