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Leppington was gazetted on the 7th of April 1972. The suburb is shared between the Liverpool and Camden LGAs.

William Cordeaux

Leppington Park was the name of the estate established on a 200-hectare grant to William Cordeaux in 1821. Cordeaux arrived in Sydney in 1817 and oversaw the provision section of the Commissariat of government store. In 1819, he was put in charge of the government store and in 1821, he was placed in charge of the Commissariat in Liverpool.

Cordeaux’s home, Leppington Park homestead, was built with convict labour as a large two-storey house with a ballroom. On a clear day you could see Sydney Harbour and the Blue Mountains. The house was located on what is now Denham Court Road, but at that time known as Cordeaux Lane.

The house burnt down in the 1940s. The bricks at the base of the outdoor stage at Leppington School come from it.

All stations to Leppington

Leppington railway station is the terminus of the South West Rail Link. It opened on 8 February 2015.

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