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Mount Pritchard

Mount Pritchard was gazetted on 7 April 1972. The suburb is shared between the Liverpool and Fairfield LGAs.

What’s in a name?

The suburb of Mount Pritchard was originally known as Mount Misery. Some assume this was because of the barren appearance of the landscape, but an article in Australian Town and Country Journal from 25 March 1871 says that it was dubbed Mount Misery because an early settler and his family lost their bullocks when they camped up there. The family remained in misery for three weeks until starvation made them leave.

The land was subdivided in 1913 by an estate agent named Hugh Pritchard, who named it the Cabramatta Park Estate. However, in 1919 after Pritchard had released some of the landowners from their debt, the estate was renamed Mount Pritchard in his honour.

Mount Pritchard Primary School

Mount Pritchard Primary School was opened in 1924.

See something missing?

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